Sunday, February 23, 2020

Spin Drift: 8

Cornerstone Dresden Plates

Shall I admit that I have rarely, if ever, made a whole quilt from a pattern created by someone else? As I sit up late at night writing to you--I slept for hours, and am now awake having thought street tacos were a good choice to eat late, I am working to remember. Okay, oh, yes, Moda Modern was one except in prints, and I believe two more patterns over the years perhaps. But none that I even loosely followed someone else's color scheme as well as the pattern. This must be my first, and admittedly, I have enjoyed following without leading. Not recreating the wheel, a friend tells me. There is joy in that when the rest of our lives are a bit helter skelter. Just follow the directions step by step.

Life itself is always good. We are alive to watch the sun rise, and still here when it sets. God is good. But turbulence is frequent if we live lives full of family and people we care for, our beloved pets, communities, dreams. This soupy mixture is what causes me to sit up late, and stir the pot. I have lots of pots on the stove at the moment. 

Among them, an idea that wouldn't go away. I want to start a new quilt group. I hesitate at using the term guild. A group focused on positive community, encouraging creativity, and the direction guided by the needs and wishes of the group. Our first meeting is Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 2 p.m. Two months away. How's that for an unofficial announcement? Honestly, my head is full of questions asking, "Julie, what makes you think you can do this?" My heart is saying, "Not me alone, but we can. It's time to create a group for more modern quilters. So many of us need something more. We don't fit in traditional groups. And, if we don't reach out to the younger generations, and nurture and support their interest we've failed at passing the torch." It took guts to announce it to several groups. I said it aloud. I made it valid, and the reply was positive. There was overwhelming support saying, We want a new kind of group. Less business. More freedom for creativity. More joy. 

"Excuse me, but I'm looking for a pattern to create a colorful group, please, with yardage, directions, and a color picture to help me imagine what it looks like."

Note: I am open to any and all suggestions from you who have started and sustained groups. I've reached out to people in surrounding counties as well as locally, and many people have generously given hours of their time to discuss the possibilities. The idea continues to form. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to add to the ongoing conversation or be actively involved.

Aren't these little blocks darling all together? 

When I started them one by one, I didn't see it working. I wasn't especially keen on cutting into new yardage for the little fan blades so I hit my favorite scrap bin. I added dark colors as well as the pastels to keep them grounded, and think it helps them blend into the background of the whole quilt. They're all a bit different, but together have rhythm with the repetition of odd scraps. They resonate. 

Maybe that will be how the new group works. We come scrappy as we are, find where our likenesses overlap, and we, too, will resonate. 

I bid you good night. Sleep well, and I hope my midnight ramblings make sense in the morning.

Come on, Doxie girls.
I'll tuck you in on this chilly night.

Tomorrow we sew again.


  1. I hope you create just the quilting community you're looking for. You may wish to talk to the founder of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild. Email me and I'll send you her contact info.

  2. All your blocks are just gorgeous, it's going to be a beautiful riot of color when it's all finished. Good luck with your new group. Hope you find lots of like minded individuals who can inspire and support.

  3. Wish I lived near you! Sounds like a whole lot of fun! And these scrappy blocks are really CUTE!

  4. Build it and they will come! I've often wished I lived in the area so I could be part of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. Their calendar and focus seems awesome!

  5. Your thoughts are not rambling, as mine would be so late at night, but grounded in positive action and plain old good hearted ness. Good luck, Julie! I’m loving your little Dresden plates! Wish I had those bright scraps to play with. My stash in Texas is a bit bland, my pocketbook very guarded!

  6. Your blocks are just wonderful together. That black should be way too overpowering, but somehow it works as an excellent spark! Love your brave idea about starting a new quilt group. So jealous that it's too far away to attend myself.:) And yes, it really is rewarding to once in a very great while, follow along with someone else's pattern. Just let all the creativity hold it's own and not try to recreate the wheel in a totally personal and custom way. Boring if you do it too often, but very peaceful once in a blue moon.


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