Thursday, April 11, 2019

Gratitude: Piece On for Spring

Watching Spring Creep In

Hasn't this been the longest winter ever? I can't remember a year I wanted spring so badly while the last of its months dragged on with cold, wet days. It was interminable.

We filled time with a medical crisis; long weeks spent in and out of hospitals, surgery, and recovery. The happy ending was restored health, and both of us were left feeling--quite simply, grateful. Profound experiences bond a marriage. Although, I believe in the aftermath you question who bears the scar. Oneness deepens. Priorities realign. Sunshine becomes both heat, and light, and a sign that life renews. Spring's signs of new growth came to fulfill the promise. Winter is behind us now. It is time to live again.

Sewing was hit and miss. Some days I had the time, but no motivation. Other days I felt like sewing, but there was so much to catch up in other parts of our lives. It was such a strange time.

Then it would be a marathon day. Our little group would meet, and we'd finish off several tops with a group effort. 

Tip: K.I.S.S.

We don't have a strict workflow. Projects often pass through many hands before they are complete. Designs are kept simple enough for the next person to follow, and finish up. Done is better than perfect. A cheerful, happy quilt trumps anything with perfect points someone fretted over. 

We made a serious effort toward using up scraps.
No, things don't have to match exactly. Make do.

I walked my mom through the method of layout, numbering, stacking, and sewing a whole quilt by following the process. She did well.

Yet another colorful top finished using just bright odds and ends.

Thursday's Tip: Bluprint on Roku

Like a good New Year's Resolution, I have continued to watch classes on Bluprint. Instead of sitting on the couch with my laptop, though, I installed the Bluprint channel through my Roku box. Smart tvs also have it. Now while I'm standing at the bed folding clothes or sorting fabric, I watch a class instead of a tv show. It make the work far less tedious when I'm thinking about something else, but I've been known to run off to try what I've just seen, too. 

I'm really pleased with the value of the classes, but in part that is because I've ventured out of quilting. I've seen a large percentage of those already, and truthfully, there are so many other things that have my interest too. 

Above: Synningia pusilla with little buds. 
A micro plant shared by a quilting friend.

Gardening, baking, and cooking right now are my core ideas. Quilters are creative people. Don't overlook the other classes. Everything you learn adds to your personal knowledge with design, color, and new ideas. Expand and enjoy yourself!

We Still Deliver

The call for quilts at the domestic violence shelter continues. I'm thrilled we are able to contribute one good thing to the people and families that pass through. I'm not even sure how many have been delivered this year, but well over 2 dozen. In spite of the challenges of many of our group members, we piece for peace. Our peace, and others, too.


It's all good. It's finally spring. Plant your bare feet in the grass if nothing else. Close your eyes, lift your face to the sun, and lift your arms in gratitude. Take a deep breath, and let it all out. I promise no one will see you out there acting crazy if this causes you to laugh out loud with joy. But if someone does, they may want to try it to. There's something about gratitude. 

Pip and Vera with spring haircuts on their Christmas quilts

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew. 


  1. What meaning-filled paragraph you shared to begin this post. So glad that things are looking up for you. It has definitely been a long winter - makes the promise of spring all the more significant. Carry on!

  2. Julie, your posts are always so insightful, and such a pleasure to read. I’m glad to know you are 'springing' forward, ready to start anew! The quilts are all beautiful and will bring someone special lots of needed comfort.

  3. Glad you're feeling better. It has been a very long winter. And it wasn't even such a bad winter for us, but it was painful long. Here's to Spring!!!


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