Thursday, November 1, 2018

Cabin Under the Stars Mini

New Pattern Work

Goals for 2019 are forefront in my mind already. I have had requests for several patterns this past year, and am working toward publishing them. I have been rather quiet here on the blog front, but a busy gal behind the scenes as I work with an energetic graphics assistant. She is helping me through areas of technical spider webs I cannot get out of, and collaborating is fun with someone who has fresh ideas! Keep your eyes peeled for a fresh look coming soon.

In the meantime, I was dearly longing for some real sewing time, but life was happening around me. The dogs all developed bad colds. Sneezing and low energy pooches, I wanted to stay nearby. The freezer went. A faucet broke. The weather turned cold, and my plants were not ready to be brought in. So I cut myself a deal: Work a little, and break to sew. 

Blocks Finish at 3.75"

The center of the mini above will finish at 18.75", and just needs a border added today. This mini is a half-size version of Cabin Under the Stars for baby, see Quilter with Commitments, and a colorway I designed in EQ8. I love to work small, and a mini is a smaller investment of time and fabric than a full size quilt. Hulu was a-streaming, and I was a-sewing. Yesssss!

I rarely work in solids, but how nice for a change of pace.

Cozy in my bedroom, the dogs snoring around me, I was content.

Stay healthy.
Wash your paws often.

Come on, Doxie girls.
I'll go sew while you get some rest.

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  1. Better you than me. I just hate the time involved trying to write up patterns! This quilt is absolutely stunning in these colors. Sometimes solids are the perfect solution.:)

  2. Writing up patterns! Seems kind of daunting to me! You’re so cute(wash your paws often), and so is your mini. I’m loving your color combo! You’ve been on my mind the last few days. I’ve been thinking about all of your quilt knowledge. Has someone already pegged you as the quilt whisperer? Have I heard that before? It popped into my head the other day.

  3. Oh my, that pattern and those fabric colors just have me dazzled! Love it! Sorry your pouches are not feeling well; hope they are healthy soon. Your little sewing corner looks cozy and fun! I've done a very little bit of pattern writing, and it sure isn't as easy as you think it will be (when you first start -- you know better after you've done one)!

  4. wow, I do like this a lot! clean paws are important!

  5. I really love this color combo with the chocolate browns! Minis and small quilts are so fun to work on and you have a much quicker finish too. I do love that design!

  6. What a cheerful quilt!!! Love it. I needed this.

  7. Wow! This quilt really pops. I love the solids you used. They work so well with the cute design. It brings some sunshine to my dreary day.

  8. I am glad you found some time to stitch! Life gets so hectic sometimes, but... you do need time for yoU! Nice quilts! and so tiny!!!

  9. If you're doing a site update and patterns, that's v-e-r-y time consuming. Glad you are taking good care of your girls and hope they get better soon! That bedroom looks awfully darn cozy!

  10. Can't wait to see the new changes, and it sounds like you had a great time sewing while playing nurse.

  11. Life does have a way of getting into the way of our sewing. LOL Those colours are striking. I can't believe it's just a mini. Hope things settle down soon.


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