Friday, September 21, 2018

City Sampler Mini

 City Sampler Mini Finish

While I didn't lose interest, I lost time. This was never going to turn into a full quilt of any size, and no more UFO's for me. I put spare minutes together here and there to finish this up, and in a few days I'll even show you it's been hung. Amazing stuff, huh?

A Split Sleeve

This is not destined for a show, and I personally hate 4" solid sleeves on small items. I use a smaller sleeve to accommodate a dowel rod, and split it to hang from one nail or 3M removable tab. I have found a narrow strip of fusible web behind the pocket holds it nicely, and I leave 1/4" free at the bottom for space the rod will take up. Sew into the binding as usual. This keeps the pocket stable, and eliminates hand sewing, which takes up precious studio time.

I labeled directly onto the mini with a Sharpie permanent marker, and heat set with a dry iron.

Horizontal straight line quilting instead of the typical vertical felt better. 

A not-so-glamorous beauty shot, but I do love fall!

A self-proclaimed mycophile, mushrooms abound now! Some small...

Some the size to rival pumpkins!
Are you a mycophile, too?
(Someone who loves fungi?)

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


SandraC said...

I love your City Sampler! I am keeping at it...just missed a day last week after my run-in with the rotary cutter. I love that last week I had one of those glorious moments when an idea came to me about my quilt. And when the quilt shouts at me like that I listen to it! Mine is quite boring, maybe, but I have a plan now and can't wait to finish. I actually bought a perfect backing for it yesterday as I'd like to do it up quick in time for my trunk show in November. I may use your quilt as inspiration for the quilting :)

jann said...

Love the quilting on your City Sampler blocks! I'm going to finish mine also...only 23 to go, but you've given me some inspiration for my Splendid Sampler blocks, which are waiting for me to do some 30 applique blocks. That's not going to happen, so I'll enjoy what I have. Thank you!

audrey said...

That strong blue was a great touch. I admire your desire to not leave anything behind. I try to wrap up the open ended projects on a regular basis, but those quilt tops just keep stacking up! The stitching on this one is simple, but absolutely perfect!

Angie in SoCal said...

Darling little quilt.

Kate said...

Very bright and fun! As just as fun, no project on the UFO list.

Rebecca Grace said...

This is a darling mini make for you, Julie! And thanks for sharing how you do the hanging sleeve. I've actually never put a hanging sleeve on anything before -- would love to see how you do it for your larger wall quilts someday. :-)

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

love fungi. Unfortunately my daughter in law is allergic. Fortunately she doesn't live near us so it rarely affects our menu planning! I love the backing fabric you used here

Sandy Panagos said...

That is a great looking mini. Thanks for sharing your hanging sleeve tip!