Sunday, September 17, 2017

Improv Chinese Coins Finish

Ready for a Sleeve...of Some Kind

Almost every picture I use on Pink Doxies is shot with a 5 year old Canon Power Shot Elph 110 HS. It's not a high end camera, and smaller and lighter than my iPhone of the same vintage. It's easy to throw in my purse. But occasionally I like to use iPhone pictures, if only to give an idea of what things look like under less-than-ideal conditions. When we look at our work in real life--in our homes, they are not typically in optimal photo studio lighting. A quilted piece should not be hung in bright daylight especially as textiles are prone to fading. So let's get real and pretend this is going to be something hung in a hallway, which it is. The light will probably be dim most of the time, and look much like above.

I took both of these shots outside on a September evening around 7 p.m. You can see the shadows on the dimpling from the quilting. I like that. I actually think it shows up better with angled lighting.

The dark orange binding picks up color in the backing as well as the front. It is a Joann's print in the same style as a RK Quilter's Linen.

We are talking about using loops over the top in the same orange fabric so it does not cover the back stitching. It could be reversible, if wanted. The important information of a tag could be put inside one of the loops. So many things to consider for such a small piece. Still, we want things to be right so we take our time. I love projects that evolve, and are about the process more than anything. But you knew that about me already, right?

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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  1. As you know already I love this little quilt. It's nice to see it finished. I love all the yellows and reds that pop out against that turquoise and I love that orange binding.

  2. I just finished 2 little quilts and have the progress on my blog. I mounted them, but they are removable if wanted. Love the dimples! I sewed two sleeves also on two quilts going to Quilts unlimited in Old Forge, NY. So I know how much time these little quilts can chew up in time and decisions. I love the way the blue sets off the coins and of course, the stitching is yummy.

  3. Great finish!!! That particular shade of blue is one of my favorites. Would you happen to know what it is?

  4. This is beautiful, front and back. I love the texture :)

  5. Ahh, the process, also my favorite part. That's exactly why I'm so pokey when I sew. These Chine Coins came out beautifully. I love the quality the hand quilting gave the whole piece. You have such vision!

  6. Congrats on a fun finish. I really like the blue background and the fabric you picked for the back. A great combo.

  7. The Chinese Coins quilt sings! Always love to read about process of others as they create!! the goldenrod dye session both informative and filled with nature and her gifts!!

  8. I really like the texture in the quilt and I'm interested in how you photograph it. I was using my old DSLR, it has to be about 12 years old now, I don't use it often, I found trying to keep up with the time it takes for photography and quilting was too much, I was being pulled to pieces, so I chose quilting. However my card reader stopped working and while waiting for a replacement I used my new iPad, wow, the pics were coming out great, even indoors. I was even asked what camera I was using, stunned I was. Do you know the card reader is still in the packaging? I will go back to my DSLR, one day, maybe!


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