Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Friendly Advice About Quilt Alongs

Isn't that just the cutest little block?

I'm beginning to think that sampler blocks are like children. Each one is so different, but they all belong to you, and there's not an ugly one in the bunch! 

From a critical point of view, some of the points got knocked off, and more will with additional seam allowances around it. Do I care? Nah, no way! I think it's adorable! Yup, me who only liked modern looking fabrics for how long. It's so, so different playing with subtle fabrics. It's like painting with a finer brush, in my opinion. It takes a lighter hand to create the same texture a modern quilter does with larger prints and brighter colors.

Three Done This Morning

Now for some wise advice about what to do when you get behind in a quilt along. 

Don't. Do not. Do not. Do not. You will say (or at least think) bad words, and despise yourself for doing it. I guarantee it.

I kid you not, it happens to all of us. We roll along so well doing our blocks on time, and then all of a sudden another project barges in, and we think, "I'll catch up next week when the next 3 come out." It's like compound interest on a loan, and I'm paying the bank like crazy right now!

As of last Thursday when reality hit, I was (cough cough) twenty-two behind. 22! These finish at 6", and you can see how many pieces they have on average.

Add More Fabrics 
& Pace Yourself

One thing I realized was that I was using the same fabrics over and over. I didn't have nearly enough of a range of reds so a quick shopping trip was in order. It helped. I wanted to use those new, pretty prints badly. I put my self to work, and got 13 sewn over the weekend. That left 8--plus one cut out, and 3 more came out this morning. At 3 a day, I'll be caught up before Easter. Then I can officially clear out of the kitchen, and back to the studio since there are people coming for Easter lunch. Shall we say this is the carrot on the stick?

I hope your week is hoppining eggactly as you'd like it, but if it's not find some peace in your stitching.

*These blocks are part of a quilt along called 150 Canadian Women designed by Kat Tucker at Next Step Quilt Designs. She publishes 3 blocks a week, and they are all available for a limited time. There is an active Facebook group of the kindest folks--maybe because there are so many Canadians, but all are working through these together. 

For more blocks in this series on Pink Doxies use the search words 150 Canadian Women or blocks. It's not to late to join in either if you're tempted. She'll have a cd for sale at the end for any blocks you might have missed.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Angie in SoCal said...

Maybe that's why I hardly ever sign up for a QAL.

Jen said...

It is hard to not be negative towards yourself for getting behind. But you are right! A QAL is supposed to be fun and things happen. Do what you can when you can, but above all ENJOY IT!

margaret said...

I have 4 months of a qal to catch up on. Everything has gotten in the way. I've chosen to create so many other beautiful quilts instead.

Amanda Best said...

My favorite things in the quilting world are QAL's, but lately I've really had to step back from them a bit. I did one that was a block of the week and I decided, (who knows why?) to make three versions of it. I kept up until the middle got three blocks, (so 9 with my three version) behind and worked really hard to come back and finish maybe a week late of the 49 week program. After that I was so done looking at the blocks that it took me a bit to finish the first one, then last year I finished the second one, and I have been assembling the final top this past month. I learned no matter how excited I am about a QAL to never make more than one version, at the same time anyway! I still have a couple of other QAL's that I have not caught up on though. I made myself not start any of the new ones this year.

KaHolly said...

I hardly ever complete a QAL! You're doing great trying to keep up. Your blocks are awesome! XO

MissPat said...

Another thing about QALs, give yourself permission to leave out a block you don't like, change it, or substitute a different block. Keep it fun.

Susan said...

Wonderful advice! And how true that it's like compound interest!! I've currently got two QA's going, and gave up on the third because I didn't like the blocks. No need to spend time doing something you're not interested in. Remember, do it for yourself.
Thanks for sharing your sound advice over at Midweek Makers!

Stitchin At Home said...

The farthest I have gotten behind is 12 blocks. I don't think that's to bad, of course I haven't looked at the three from this week yet.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Great advice, I especially liked your idea of 'buying new fabric' - it does wonders to renew ones interest! I love all your little 6" blocks! And thanks for linking up to 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

Mystic Quilter said...

That's some serious catching up! Good advice on the subject of QALs - been there, done that and I have a drawer full to prove it! I now take on only two at the most. Your squares are lovely and I can see there are a heck of a lot of pieces in some of these.

Susan said...

It is an adorable block! I'm going forward to see if you show all of them. I have collected all the blocks, without intending to make them right now. Or at least not all of them, but I may use some for leader-enders this year.