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Vintage Inspired Nine Patch Charity Quilt

Vintage Inspired Nine Patch

Laying out a one patch design such as this with 5" squares is greatly aided by knowing where the middle of the wall is, and working outward. (I will learn!) Instead, I tend to start with the left side working across through the middle. Don't laugh, but stooping down a lot is hard as we enter middle age, but so is climbing up and down the ladder this required. By the end, it filled the whole wall, and the top row had to lop over to stay put. I was up and down dozens of times before it was done.

This is a copy of a quilt I wrote about in "More One Patch Designs for Charity Quilts." I laid it out for a MCC comforter to be sewn by the many volunteers that work at the Connections Thrift Shop.

Owned by Barbara Brackman

My colors aren't exactly the same nor do they need to be. The feel of the quilt was the goal with its mismatched and make-do style. Always at the mercy of what fabrics lie within the bins, one chooses as well as possible. Still very much an amateur, I'm starting to see which fabrics might go with the time period better than others. My nose has been in every book about dating vintage and antique fabrics for months, and I think the brain just starts to recognize what could have been used together. If I get completely stuck while in my own studio, it helps me to sort through my collection of old quilt blocks. I'm always surprised what got paired up together.

Woven, an indigo looking print, and some 
toile-like fabric 

Striped or border prints and a small floral

Did you know pinks and double pinks were a big 
deal back then?

Ticking, another indigo looking print, and maybe a not so close to the time period, 
but close enough to pass.

Digging for those good combinations took time, and nearly the whole day I spent there working. Maybe not fast, but very fun! The sewists will put it together next, and then it will be knotted as a comforter. Finished size should be about 94" x 104", and I will be delighted watching to see this one come together.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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  1. That turned out really nicely - great combination of four patch and nine patch blocks.

  2. Really a pretty quilt! Nice combinations. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh, I love the inspiration and what I can see of your version. And now I'm inspired!

  4. These are great combinations. Who would have thought they'd go so well together.

  5. I'm loving the vintage utilitarian look of this quilt and I'm laughing at you climbing up and down adding blocks . It's like drawing out a family tree, I never leave enough blank page

  6. I love the feel of this one Julie. It looks amazing.

  7. Yay for a fun day! Sometimes, I get just as much enjoyment out of searching for great color combinations as I do actually sewing them together.

  8. What a great design for a charity quilt! I'll definitely be bookmarking this one for our ministry to use in the future. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Great inspiration for a charity quilt. The fabric choices are perfect.


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