Friday, March 10, 2017

Jen & Jan's Mini Blog Hop QAL

The Little House On Daisy Street

I stumbled on Jan & Jen's QAL a few weeks ago, and though I said no more extra things for a while, this little house block spoke to me. It was so darn cute I said, "Count me in." From the first moment, I saw it in the 1930's reproduction prints on my shelf. I set to work, and it was a quick make, though my chimney found itself on the opposite side. 

But when it was together, it itched for more. 

So I added some embroidery here and there. And still it whispered. "More, please."

So I turned it into a sweet star block.

And the top said, "Finish me!"

A quick turn on the long arm made that happen.

And the house said, "Bind me so I'm a real quilt!" And I did.

The Little House on Daisy Street said, "Thank you, Maker." And I replied, "You are welcome. What a gift you will be to a child somewhere!" And we both went to bed.

The End.
Come on, Doxie girls.
We'll sleep tight tonight.

This baby quilt finished about 44" square. It was quilted on my HQ Avante with Omni thread using Warm & White batting, and hand embroidered with Perle cottons. The pattern is a free download linked from either Jen's or Jan's blogs.

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  1. Oh Julie, I am in fits of giggles at your story, it's a hoot! Your mini quilt is lovely, and so bright and happy some child will love it. I especially like the quilt on the washing line, all those tiny pieces, then you added a binding too. It was an inspired use to make it into a child's quilt though, very clever. Thank you for my bedtime story, even though I just got up hehe!!!

  2. I love the story as much as I love the quilt! So funny but oh so cute. This will indeed make a baby happy 💖

  3. Lovely quilt. She will bring pleasure to a child.

  4. Adorable Julie! I loved reading this it was as happy as the quilt is.

  5. What a fun story you spun for us hoppers!

  6. Again you have caused my "squirrels" to start flying around the sewing room! Delightful little quilt, and the story too! You will be a great grandma one of these days. lol What inspired me the most was the 'grass' in front of the clothesline where you embroidered the small flowers onto flowers in the fabric. Now I will find myself watching for just the right little-flower fabric so I can work it into a project to do the embellishments. That's how it all starts!

  7. Your story entertained me! The details...what great ideas you had and have given me for my next one!

  8. love your story telling. this is a wonderful adaption. So full of life.

  9. What fun you had with your Quilter's Laundry Day, Julie! I loved how you told the story, and the extras you added to it. I had to laugh when you said the chimney found itself on the other side of the house, because apparently the architect of my little house flipped the placement of the upstairs windows! :) I guess part of seeing all these minis is how different each one is!

  10. This is a sweet little story for a sweet little quilt. I hope that house brings much joy and wondering to the little one that receives it.

  11. I love your version of the little quilt.and the story that went along with it!!

  12. Such bright, beautiful colors! I love that you added the star and border to make it a baby quilt. Super cute! Thanks for joining us!

  13. I love what you came up with! This is going to be a wonderful little quilt for a child.

  14. Great border additions! I thinking to do that to mine too

  15. What a great idea Julie, to use the mini quilt as a block in the center of a larger quilt! Your touches are so wonderful--the little embroideries, the quilting, everything!

  16. Love all the little details!! I'm admiring your manual dexterity to be able to make the little mini!

  17. Very lovely. I think the scrappy quilt is perfect on that line.

  18. What a sweet story. And a wonderful idea to make the block into a bigger quilt. The embroidery is just right with those 30's prints. This quilt will make a baby very cozy and loved.

  19. Ah, this is such a sweet quilt. Love your extra touches and using it as the core to a bigger quilt was a great idea! It is adorable.

  20. This little talkative quilt is DELIGHTFUL!! I love that you made it into a real baby quilt. There is a lucky, lucky baby out there somewhere. I really enjoyed just sitting and studying all of your details. This is the SWEETEST! Thanks so much for joining in, Julie. You're a great maker!

  21. So darling! A wonderful baby quilt. Go share it at Michelle's Let's Make Baby Quilts

  22. So cute! I love your embroidery, and the quilt talking to you. Such a great story!

  23. Very cute and perfect for a baby quilt. Congrats on a very pretty little finish.

  24. From the title to the embroidered daisies, your quilt overflows with cuteness!!! Ok, I admit to being partial to daisies but really your baby quilt is so precious. I'm really enjoying seeing how different all the quilter's laundry day blocks are.

  25. This is so cute, I love it all, the embroidery sure does make it extra special. Well done.

  26. What a FANTASTIC idea to put the block in the centre of the star! Love your finishing touches!

  27. I love how the quilt wrote its own story; when you give this darling baby quilt (such a terrific idea) to the baby, you must tell the little one many times, the quilt story in this way. At first I thought you used a fabric that was so perfect as a mini-mini, and THEN--saw you pieced such teensie-weensie squares--!! Wonderful work, as always my friend.

  28. The quilt is lovely, with so many details like there is a treasure to find in every corner. And then you told a story to match. Awesome job, Julie!!!

  29. This is super cute! Your bright colors are great, just love your pink house!
    I did a pink roo on mine. lol
    I really love that you made this into a baby quilt!


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