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Charity Chain Quilt Pattern Free & Easy

Pink Doxie's Charity Chain 
Quilt and Free Pattern

This pattern came out of a 'play session' I had while cutting up fabric for a charity quilt. While not a true Irish Chain pattern, it's simple and sweet, and a fabulous scrap buster. I've made it here in prints for the blocks and a solid background, but I'm just as eager to try it with a busy background and solid blocks. The dimensions are easy as pie, and very beginner friendly. I'll show you how to make one section, and you will need 3 sections for a quilt. 

You will find it's so easy you can make one for yourself, and another for a charity donation in no time.

I used bright and bold prints for the blocks. Whatever you've got will work.

I am a longarmer, and kept the quilting motif large. I call this "coral fingers." Red thread kept it festive. Note how red 'kisses' red. It's a simple way to remember how to connect the chain.

A black textured solid makes up the backing, and a chevron print gives it a stripey binding.

No Fuss Tags

I've begun to add a tag to even my charity quilts. Nothing fancy, but interfacing ironed to a fabric scrap gives it weight, and a few snips with pinking shears gives a decorative edge. Use a waterproof or indelible pen to add information. Tuck it in, and sew to the binding on the back. Making this uncomplicated means I don't stop and fret about it. Just do it.

*The following pattern will be listed in my header soon, or searchable on Pink Doxies under Charity Chain.

*Free Use Pattern

Pink Doxies Charity Chain Repeat: 57.5" x 25"
Make 3 Identical Sections for One Quilt

This is a simple pattern for a charity quilt, and is also ideal for a beginner sewist.  It finishes at approximately 57.5" x 75". The Mennonite Central Committee asks for quilts to be around 60" x 80" for ease in shipping, but you may enlarge it by adding solid borders.  Additional details on MCC can be found HERE.

I used a variety of red and green cotton scrap fabrics to make this cheery. Black Kona cotton was used for the background. Quilting was done in red thread, and a chevron striped fabric was used for the binding. More information on basic quilting may be found at or online.

Measurements and basic construction only are included in this pattern. Strip cutting and chain piecing methods makes this a fast quilt. Many tutorials are available by searching online or ask a more experienced quilter for some help. (Quilters are nice people!)

Cut a variety of 3" strips in red and green fabrics.

Make 5 Nine Patch blocks as shown with red at corners and center. Assembled blocks should measure 8" (unfinished.)

Make 8 Four Patch blocks as shown alternating red and green. Assembled blocks should measure 5.5" (unfinished.)

All background fabric is the same (black), but I have color coded the blocks in the above diagram for dimensions and placement.


Light Grey Block: 10 pieces 5.5"x 8"
Medium Grey Block: 2 pieces 13"x 8"
Dark Grey Block: 3 pieces 18"x 8"


Lay out blocks so red patches form a chain. (Red corners touch red corners.) Sew arranged blocks together in horizontal strips. Sew strips together to make unit shown. Make 3 of these units to complete a typical sized charity quilt.

*Permission is given by Julie Stocker, a.k.a. Pink Doxies LLC, to copy and use this pattern to produce quilts for charity, personal gifts, and home use. Please do not use it to produce quilts sold for business or profit.

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Come on, Doxie girls.
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  1. Cute pattern! I really like your labeling idea. Thanks for linking up!

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