Saturday, February 11, 2017

Two New Quilts Progress & Catch Up

New Quilt Underway

Working hard at clearing out the studio of too much stash, I pulled all my wildest fabrics to make a bucket list quilt. Cultural Fusion Quilts is an inspiring book, and often on my side table. It's based on a process of free cutting rather than precision, and is improvisational piecing. This pattern was perfect for the size prints I had on hand. I went after it. It may seem noisy and garish by your standards, but you can't walk by it without smiling. These are 16" blocks, and I may have enough blocks for several quilts by the end.

If you follow Pink Doxies on Instagram, you'll know that a friend of mine in Australia and I posted our work within a day of each other working on the same quilt. We had no idea the other was doing this, and actually we each were using ideas from separate designers. How fun is that?! Check out SewSurprising on Instagram to see her take in solids.

A whole quilt front shot just wasn't in the cards today, but you get a good idea here. This top was made by my sister-in-law, and finished by me. It turned into a cooperative project for a special gift.

The backing got a neat neat little splice of hand dyed fabric to bring it to a proper length, and into the long arm it went.

Some sweet swirlies, and a few hours to get this one done in time.

I'm off to a bridal shower with this in tow. I hope she likes it!

Sorry, Doxies.
I'll be home to sew later.


  1. Kind of funny- I just signed up to take 3 days of classes with Sujata in Ithaca. I have to travel, but she is not very often in the eastern part of the US. I did make one quilt similar to the one you show and I had cut lots of strips to make more, but have not got to it..

  2. I think the rail fence quilt is lovely. I have that book too, and amazed myself when cutting triangles Sujata-style; they fitted together perfectly WITHOUT a ruler! Who'd have thought it possible? I think I shall be trying the freehand rail fence too very soon.

  3. Noisy and garish quilts are so me! Kinda funny since I am pretty much an introvert. This quilt is marvelous!!

  4. I love the rail fence you're working on! I borrowed Cultural Fusion from the library a while back, and just loved all the quilts, it was such an inspiring book! After seeing this post I think I need to borrow it again, or even buy it!

  5. The rail fence blocks are such fun. Your collaboration quilt turned out beautifully! Hope you had a good time at the shower.


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