Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Two Top Finish: Day 11

Scrappy Trips Around the World
& Effy Helps

The past two days have been icy with both periods of snow and rain. If you didn't have to go out, you didn't. I stayed in as much as I could and finished tops. I also started another quilt or two, and have been piecing in front of the t.v. The dogs have been good company, but muddy feet and quilt tops do not mix. Effy sneaked onto the quilt as I stood on a stool to snap this shot. Thankfully she was clean. Around here we always say, "Effy helps." She's always there in the middle when you want to do something. 

The quilt is made in six sections which you can see by looking through the January posts. It needed a little more width, and I thought the red bars worked better than an entire border here. It's ready to quilt now, and will have a black backing.

Fly Me Home

I wasn't going to hike to the studio to use my design wall for pictures so the floor had to do today. Pictures on gray days never seem to produce true colors. The pink borders are a dusty pink, and the purples are really a burgundy wine. I'll snap it again when the quilting is done so you can see.

There is something special in these geese. I've looked at them for so many day, and I see them moving away and back, away and back. I'm a homebody, and don't always appreciate when I have to be away. I can't imagine being displaced by a war or disaster, or losing my home from something else. I hope whomever winds up with this quilt feels it will help them make their space a home--wherever that may be. I am sewing my wishes into it for them.

See you here tomorrow.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's listen to the rain on the roof
while we go to sleep.


Stitchin At Home said...

Both look wonderful Julie! We had a nasty day early Tuesday and then freezing rain and rain. This morning the snow is gone and it is 10 Celsius.

Sandra Walker said...

Is that Lucy's nose I see photo-bombing the first pic?!Those geese are so vibrant, and I do believe there is tangible vibes sewn into a quilt especially when you, as the piecer, feel them and send them so strongly.

Kate said...

Both quilts are so vibrant. My favorite is still the flying geese. That yellow and red just really work together. It's not a color combination I would have considered.