Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Taste the Colors!

Spontaneous Kisses

For lack of a better name, let me use that today. Hopefully you'll see where it's going as the piece progresses. 

This week's blog theme is "Post more. Write less." Time is of the essence, and I'm working hard on a wide range of projects.

I've been experimenting with different ways to may the freestyle pieced blocks, and think I've stumbled on an easy way for me. You can see there's quite a variety in the number of colors, and the palette, of each. At first I thought I should make them more alike, but I like the differences.

The solid-like fabrics at the bottom and in eggplant are all Moda Grunge. They play very well together with the abstract blocks.

I hit this point before quitting last night. This is an original pattern, and I've used a scrap of blue (above) to be sure I was making correct measurements. The last thing you want to do after creating these time intensive blocks is cut one in half, and have it be a mistake. It was here that I stood back and realized I had really made a huge calculating error with my pattern I'd written. Thankfully, I always check twice or thrice before cutting.

Just some eye candy. I dyed a lot of eight different fabrics yesterday, and these were my favorite colors. I threw more fabrics in the leftover dyes, and they processed overnight. I was rinsing out at 6 a.m. There's a pea green, orchid, and a sorbet the lower left.

I stopped to catch my breath this morning on my walk, and looked up. Always look up. This was worth the walk. What a beautiful world of color!

Be happy today!
Come on, Doxie girls.


  1. I'm enjoying watching these blocks come together! It's going to be gorgeous...the colors are captivating!!

  2. I do love this! And I have been experimenting with improv blocks and love the freedom that can come with it. Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous yummy colors!

  3. Love your blocks and love that purple-very pretty

  4. ♥ it, truly admire anyone who can improv, and the colours are just perfect together, you really have nailed this :)

  5. Using so many different colors and "mini" palettes makes this look so cheerful and spring-like. And, yeah, I get your working quilt name.

  6. Love the way the blocks are coming together Julie.

  7. What an interesting project. I look forward to seeing the next stage. Wish I had time to dye some fabric. Do you have a project in mind for your dyed fabric?

    1. Thank you, Cynthia, and I do! I have been thinking of ways to use the Shibori along with other hand dyed items. Pairing them up with commercial fabrics is sometimes difficult, but I'm finding some lines that work very well. It's a rather slow process on my part, but you should see something within the next week or so.

  8. I think that your blocks work very well together. They're not alike but suit each other. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress (and where you're going with that ).
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a great weekend!

  9. Stunning colour combination and I love the name.

  10. Those blocks are stunning. I love the contrast between the solid square and intuitively curved pieced squares held together with the "borders." Very lush.


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