Saturday, February 13, 2016

Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life Day 4

Double Cross Block - by Cindy of
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Dear Reader,

I beg your forgiveness, but I'm on the DL. That, according to Sandra, is the Disabled List. I'm down for the count, a whole 24 hours into flu. To keep you up to date on the hop, Sandra has kindly written the post for today, and shared with me.

Enjoy, and I hope to be back in a day or so.

~Julie @ Pink Doxies

It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day: a word, a deed, a small gesture.  I hope to brighten the designer of this block's day by making her newest block as my random act of kindness.  More below because we have a certain hop to discuss!

It's hard to believe we are already on Day 4 of the Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life! Blog Hop. Today we have Tish and Anja weathering the snowstorms in their areas to take you into some other areas of Craftsy you may not know about.

Tish at Tish's Adventures In Wonderland is reviewing "Dot to Dot Quilting" with Angela Walters, and then takes us out of the quilting realm a bit with reviews of two photography classes: "Product Photography at Home" with Jessica Marquez and "Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer" with Caro Sheridan, great for us quilter bloggers.  Enjoy 50% off these 3 classes on Tish's site!

Anja at Anja Quilts is showing us some patterns she's picked up and made that will most assuredly warm our hearts and hands:  Postcard from Sweden, 1 Hour Basket, Star Bright, and Reusable Handwarmers.

Sweet Giveaway On Now - over $500 of free Craftsy products

Enter the Craftsy Giveaway here as well as through any of the bloggers in this hop.  The main schedule can be found here or by clicking the Heart Button on the sidebar.

Click here to enter.  That's it!  
THREE prizes:

One entry per person.  Enter until Sunday, February 21, 2016, at 11:59 pm MST.  The winners will be announced Feb. 22 here and at mmm! quilts.

Did you know that RAK Week, Random Acts of Kindness Week, is February 14-20 this year?  Be kind.  It really is easy, and like FMQ, the more you practice, the better you get, and the easier it comes.  Random Acts of Kindness has a great site.  I love all 10 items on this list.  Number 6, "Give compliments" is one that has always come naturally to me.  I think one of the best compliments one can give in QBL is making another quilter's design.  I hope you like my rendition of your design, Cindy, and I hope it makes your Saturday!  It was a fun block to make, and Cindy's directions are clear.  Does anyone else see the star there too?!  My favourite block is a star, so I tend to see them everywhere.

There is also a great RAK FaceBook page here.  When I was teaching, we always celebrated this week in various ways.  My class would pick a charity and we'd sell baked goods at school lunches and then donate our proceeds to that charity; the Crimestoppers group I ran for a few years would do a locker check, reminding students to fully lock their locks with a "AHA! Protect your stuff! Lock your lock!" sign we'd tape inside after locking back up the locker.

Got a new app today... possibilities for Cindy's block!
"Imagine" by John Lennon comes to mind today as I write this.  Can you imagine if we could all, starting with ourselves, simply be kind.

Be kind.  It costs nothing to smile.  To hug.  To tell someone how great they look.  Notice their outfit or their pretty hair.  Tell them you love them.  Write a thoughtful comment on a blog post rather than simply "Great quilt!"

Julie: Sandra's post reminds me of a card hanging on my wall, given to me any years ago by a friend.

Now pop on over to Tish and to Anja for some not-so-random information about Craftsy!

Until tomorrow...
Be well and sew.


Stitchin At Home said...

Julie I hope you are feeling better today. Take care and get well soon!

Shelley Folkerts said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon, Julie! Take care of yourself!