Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3: Quilting & Art Journaling

This was a good exercise in art journaling for me. I listed anything that came to mind when I thought about December. All lumped together with no judgment either way. I just wrote everything down equally. When I was done, I tried to use a spray adhesive, but mine clogged. Short on time, I resorted to Elmer's, but that was tough to get where I wanted it. It turned out a wee bit over glittered. What was kind of cool about it, though, was the really over glittered words were ones I might interpret as negative. Very interesting.

The Craft Industry Alliance  is doing a book discussion, and this book is the first scheduled. It seemed to fit right in with my current interests this month. If you haven't been to the site yet, take the time to visit. I feel both founders had great vision when they took this project on, and it's been a great resource for me already. I think I appreciate the forums as much as the news. It's good stuff, and informed participants.

This was my morning's work. A mother and daughter came with the quilt top at 10, and between all the talk and discussions it was done by 1. It's a 50" x 60" top, and they chose a looser wave pattern that suited the nautical themed fabric. 

There have been several comments about using full spectrum lights to help battle the low light conditions we experience in winter, and the symptoms this causes. I've found a few articles that might help explain this to those of you unfamilar to what we're referring.

It's plenty grey here today. Time for a cup of fresh coffee, and some visual inspiration. Cheers!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Cuddle with me in my quilt, and have a little snooze while I read.


Sandra Walker said...

From here that nautical themed quilt looks like it mirrors the grey days we seem to be experiencing! Wow, you got that baby done FAST! I really like how it turned out. Love your artwork too. ;-)

Sandra Walker said...

PS, hit publish too fast: were they chatting and with you while you loaded and quilted the quilt?! If so, that is amazing, such a pretty finish.