Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Farmer's Wife 1930s: Week 5: Blocks 41, 45

Jenny #45

I've begun to really look forward to my Sunday sewing. I try to take the day a little easier, and enjoy the time I work on my Farmer's Wife blocks. Maybe in part because I love the fabric, but also because they frequently put my skills to the test. This week I printed off the templates, and cut all the pieces of both blocks from paper templates. 

Someone asked me last week about rules to follow for pressing seams. As far as pressing goes, I press HST open 'most' of the time. It helps quite a bit to reduce bulk toward the areas where a lot of seams come together. Remember to set your seam, finger press open, give it a quick press to hold the seam open, and flip to the right side to give it a good press. Lift and press with your iron, and do not travel back and forth across the fabric, if you can help it.

Granny #41

This is fabric left over from making a churn dash baby quilt. I thought the giant dots in brown were a good complement.

I try to keep in mind this quilt will have a lot of blocks by the end. I'm not fussing around with a strict color scheme as you can see by the variety of several shades of each color. I like scrappy looking quilts, and that's really what you see if you analyze old quilts. They used what they had.

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Costa Maya

I have this beauty in Axel, my Avante, right now. I've been working through all the ditch stitching with the Aurifil Invisible thread still threaded from Pop Stars. When the quilt is completely stabilized, I'll go back through and add the motifs my client wanted in white. 

Have you ever had this happen?

And that leads to sharing something that happened while marking the quilt, and has never happened before. I was using a blue Dritz water soluble marker on the red fabric, and had made a few marks only, thankfully. It wasn't what I wanted, and spritzed the fabric with water to take it out. It did not come out. I worked for quite some time with a rag to blot the water, and even got to the point of really saturating the area, but it remains. I didn't flip out as I've had excellent success with Kiss-off Stain Remover with some other marking issues, but I won't have a chance until it's off the frame. Have any of you experienced this? I was shocked as usually this is the easiest of all markers to take out.

The girls are really enjoying the new quilt this weekend, and so am I. My fear about it being too heavy is over. It's both very comfortable, and very warm. Just ask the Doxies.

It's time to get organized.
Make your plan, and plan your week!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


  1. Fun Farmers Wife blocks. Hope you can get the marking stain out of the quilt.

  2. Just beautiful farmer's wife blocks! The vintage prints are so delicious.

  3. You are right they make their quilts with the fabric they have. Your blocks look great. This week I had the same problem with the blue whashable pen :(

  4. Your blocks are looking great. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. Your blocks are very cute, looks great!

  6. I always enjoy visiting to see how your Farmer's Wife blocks are progressing....beautifully, as always! Thanks for linking up at Cathquilts at Bits' was lovely to have you take part.

  7. Pretty FW block! But oh my gosh!! That's so scary what you guys are saying about the Clover marker. I just used one quite a lot on *cream* of all things on the wedding quilt. Now I'm having a freak moment. Well, I can find out for a day or two, so I'll make myself just relax until I know if I really have a problem. . .

  8. I am always searching for ways to mark a quilt that works. I've come to the conclusion there is no one perfect way. I hope the blue marks come out - good luck! Thanks for linking up to MCM. :)

  9. Yikes. Sounds like there was a big error on the manufacturing side. I would hold on to that pen. Let the manufacturer know. Try it on a few other scraps (nothing that will cause you a lot of extra work!) The company or at least the supplier needs to know. Lots of great things to see today.

  10. Thank you for your nice blog Julie and your linking and inspiration you give us on the Show and Tell Monday..Hug Bambi


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