Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moda Boo Crew Spiderweb Quilt: Pop Stars

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave.
When we first practise to deceive."

                      ~Sir Walter Scott

Weeks ago I snapped this picture of a stack of fabrics I'd pulled just for fun. I already knew they were destined for a Halloween quilt, but I still wasn't sure which pattern. It was an eclectic mix of fabric lines, and had several from Moda's Boo Crew, a Sweetwater line from Winter 2013. I had picked up several yards in the spring for a not-so-scary deal. Seasonal prints are often discounted out of season, like garments, so it makes sense to grab them then. 

I have a stack of books I keep my nose in whenever I sit with a cup of coffee, and many are Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke titles. All the book links have the "Look Inside" feature to check them out.

Making Quilts with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession: 21 Authentic Projects

Free Advice: If you like the photos of Kathy's and Sarah's unique styles of mixing fabrics, and breaking out of conservative patterns, you will fall in love with their writing. They are devout in explaining their process, and I'm so thankful for that! I'm inspired each time I read the explanations of how they choose fabrics, and where each gets her inspiration. They do an excellent job of teaching technique through photos and line drawings. These books have kept me engaged for months, and I love her Instagram posts. Check out matobsgirl.

Some of my stars are fussy cut for added depth.

I think scrappy, stash quilts are the most interesting visually, and this was my style before I knew I was even going to be a quilter. While I was blending fabrics with the Boo Crew, I kept throwing in more blacks and greys for a neutral base. The Boo Crew itself is a passive orange, and I wanted the whole range of pumpkin, violet, and frog green from muted to punchy brights. If the black and grey base supported the bright colors I was pulling, and if they popped, I kept them in the mix. 

I had my heart set on making a quilt based on wedges, and through the summer set out to collect wedge rulers. 

I did several mock up blocks of wedges, and kept running into 2 issues. My centers were not coming out pretty, and I noticed most patterns leave the center open. They cover the opening with a circle of some kind to finish. Think of Dresden Plates. That wasn't what I wanted. 

Disheartened, I'm waiting to rip it out, and try the other method.

Even the spider in the doorway kept the center of her web somewhat open. Interesting...

The other was keeping the finished wedge-based block squared up, especially when I wanted big blocks! It was a struggle, and I wasn't sure I wanted to work that hard for a whole quilt.

Then I happened upon the pattern 'Pop Stars', and as I studied it, I felt I could carry it off with my blacks and greys if I used a larger range. Now I was looking at a serious stash quilt! First I cut about 20 different fabrics, but realized it wasn't nearly the range I was looking for. I added about 20 more, just cutting my strips in equal increments. I did about 2-4 WOF cuts from each piece of fabric. 

Each of these section is foundation pieced on muslin. The completed blocks are over 20" square, and are taking roughly 2 hours each. I'm not a speedy spider at weaving webs.

I believe I could already see the benefit of adding a greater variety of black and white prints by the second star. The first star was done in a completely random order, and the second was done by mirroring each side of the star point. 

After several sessions, I ended here. I positioned the last section so I could get at least a good idea of my spider web formation. It looks like a wedge quilt, but is indeed not. The saying above is quite fitting, I think. 

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Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew. 


  1. Eeek! Both for the fabrics here (the more the merrier, I totally agree) and for the spider shot...not a fan. Your rendition of Pop Stars is going to be spook-tacular (couldn't resist, honestly it just happened as I started to type spectacular). Good advice (which I have followed my entire life not just in fabrics but in clothing and decorations) to buy seasonal out of season at a great price. Love seeing your stars on your wall, and it'll be fun to see this quilt be birthed!

  2. Your Pop Stars is going to be an Awesome quilt, Julie. I really like the second (top) violet star block. That is a neat print. I have a rather dated skinny wedge ruler that I think it makes up to a 50 inch diameter Christmas tree skirt. I think your block looks fine but that is why I probably have not used that ruler yet as not sure about getting all those points to join in center nicely. I look forward to seeing more of your Spooky Pop Stars quilt.

  3. Wonderful wedges - or not wedges... I love it! Very clever pattern actually, I have one all scrappy half done which I revisit now & then. Enjoy playing!

  4. Very will be a fabulous quilt. micki @

  5. Wow what a great post! These stars are great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. These are great blocks. I really like the black/white and yellow star.

  7. I have never made these before! Your blocks turned out great and I love the black. Perfect for highlighting those centers! I bought a wedge ruler this summer, just's on my list to use but it may be a while!

  8. I love what you are doing! I have done this type a couple times and love how they turn out. I am stuck on using wedges on my table toppers lately-stuck in a good way that is, LOL

  9. Love your version of this quilt. The Material Obsession books and each of the authors individual books have been a huge inspiration to me lately as well! I have a huge bunch of low volume scraps and may try using them as you've used the blacks and grays.

  10. Love it!! Great quilt with wonderful fabric choices!!

  11. Fantastic creations - thanks for all the great information too!!

  12. Definitely a lot of "wow" factor in that project. I'm not sure I could deal with all the seam matching in that project. Your version looks great.

  13. Oh wow it's looking amazing, I love the vast array of neutrals in the web section 😀

  14. Nice. The finished blocks are way more interesting than the sample block. Nice to see your planning as you get to what you want.

  15. I agree with everyone above! Those blocks are going to make a fun quilt, and I love the secondary shape that is created when the blocks are put together. I didn't even think about what they would do when I saw your first couple of pictures!

  16. Love how those spider web stars are coming together! They look great. Kat @

  17. Great solution. When I can, I have my center's of matching fabrics so that missing a point isn't so obvous. claire aka knitnkwilt

  18. Great start hope you are do e in plenty of time for the big day.

  19. I have always wanted to make a spider web quilt and seeing your blocks really make me want to move it up the list. This quilt is going to be fabulous. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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