Wednesday, September 9, 2015

E's Hexie Quilt: Modern Baby

E's Quilt

This baby quilt was on the top of my list to get done, and it went from single hexies to pinned in the frame yesterday. The backing is Minkee, and the batting Warm & Natural. My customer requested a peach thread, and I've come to find out my source doesn't carry peach. A Natural White Omni laid on the top fools the eye into blending with some of the pastel colors, but I have a grey that matches well, too, with both top and backing.

This Pinterest Pin! is the quilt the customer used as an idea or model. I modified the number of hexies and color palette so it wasn't a copy. Carolyn Friedlander prints from her Doe line make up the hexies along with an array of Kona solids in peach, blue, and cream. A solid Kona grey finishes the top.

I have never quilted with Minkee so did my research. Jasmine at Quilt Kisses gave me a lot of pointers, thank you, and I researched other quilters who've used it on their longarms.

Craftsy has good information: Quilting with Minky or a general search here for Minky. By the way, I've found it spelled both Minkee and Minky, if you're wondering.

Angela Walter's did a guest spot for Shannon Cuddle, yes, same fabric and different name, and one of her biggest pointers was to load it with the selvages perpendicular to the leaders. This will keep from stretching the Cuddle. Great, but that puts this particular quilt in the position of having to do the horizontal lines vertically. Stopping and starting a straight line always causes a tiny wobble. So I'm going to have to be very careful about not pulling the fabric too tight. My longarm dealer said most people over-tighten way too much anyhow, and a looser quilt in the frame is ideal. 

Can you sense my fear at this point? Nah. Well, just a little.

The Doxie girls have had their breakfast now. They love a little Greek yogurt on their food in the mornings, and since 2 have been on antibiotics it helps them replenish the good bacteria. Minnie has a hard time getting up in the mornings when she's covered up and warm, but the yogurt drew her out. She just brought her blanket with her.

Thanks for all your good advice and pointers. I'm taking it to heart, and it's so nice to have a caring community to share your lows with along with the highs. The one common thread among all the responses: Do something.

Come on, Doxie girls.


  1. That's one pretty quilt. I've never worked with minky.

  2. It looks great. Good luck with quilting.

  3. Love the looks of the quilt with straight line quilting. Good luck with the minky.

  4. This baby quilt is really great - I like it a lot.

  5. What a pretty and calming quilt- great job!

  6. The two things I was going to mention, the perpendicular selvedges and the loose-ness in frame, are important. You'll do fine, no worries!

  7. Sweet baby quilt! I love the simplicity. I do not know anything about long arms. so I do not understand what you are writing about, but I am sure you will quilt is super.

  8. Gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it finished. Lot's of good info on minky too. I have some in the closet...but have heard how hard it is to quilt with, so haven't even thought of attempting it! I found you on Let's Bee Social. Bee social and visit my blog anytime. =)

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