Sunday, September 27, 2015

Are You Ready for the Farmer's Wife 1930s Version?

Penny's Dollhouse (left) & Walk in the Park (right)

Today is the big day many of us have been waiting. The first block for Farmer's Wife 1930's Sample Quilt Sew-along was announced last night. Angie at Gnome Angel is leading over 4,000 of us through the year with help from Marti Michell, and many other bloggers. The only commitment is to purchase your own copy of The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt which comes with its own cd to print instructions, templates, or paper piecing templates for each block. I would like to compliment how well it's gone so far, and the lack of technical problems. Emails are on time and accurate, the Facebook page is very active, and people are kind! There's no deadline, so join in if you wish. The back posts will be hosted on Gnome Angel's blog page if you need to catch up.

Sew-alongs sound so fun when everyone is getting ready and pulling fabrics, but I wonder how many people actually stick with them to the end. I considered carefully before jumping in, and adding to my growing list, but I see this as a free learning opportunity. It's already proven to be that. 

These are set A of Marti Michell templates that will be used for many of the blocks. My friend Mary Huey from Quilting Through Rose-Colored Trifocals really loves them, and I thought this would be a good way to get to know how well they work. Marti has some You Tube links she's recorded for this quilt-along that are worth the few minutes of watching even if you're not doing the quilt-along itself. I'll link to the first of 4. The rest are easily found by seaching Marti Michell there. Whether I'll be using templates or paper piecing remains to be seen. I would like to try both and share my comparison. Some blocks are going to be easier one way or the other, and that will most likely dictate my choice.

Have any of you been to Craftsy's class sale this weekend? I have! I took advantage, and bought a handful. The next morning I started Cut to It: Strategies for Smarter QuiltingI watched it from beginning to end over 2 days, and feel like I have a whole new outlook on cutting. The Farmer's Wife is based on 6" finished blocks, and both accurate cutting and sewing are key to getting an accurate block. It couldn't have been a more appropriate time, and the best thing about Craftsy is I can go back and watch it again as I give it a real try. Your Craftsy classes never expire so I can even do a refresher next summer when I might be curious exactly how she was cutting through all those stacks so easily. This was an excellent course!

Almost fully loaded is this beautiful 1970's to early 1980's log cabin quilt. This quilt top was shared by a friend who just lost her mother, and wanted it done in her memory. Only a tiny bit of quilting was started, and she picked it out before bringing it to me. The first thing I noticed was how straight all the borders were, and second that they were all stitched on with tiny hand stitches. I switched out the poly batting that she started with, and loaded Warm & Natural. I gave a patch to the backing that developed a little hole while in storage, and now just to wind some bobbins with the beautiful gold Omni thread we chose. This is a quilt worth saving, and I'm looking forward to working some stitchin' magic. I'm thinking some old Eagles, Moody Blues, and Bread tunes for inspiration, and I'll be ready.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Pedal Sew Lightly said...

I love your Farmer's Wife fabric collection. I really need to get that book and join in. That is such a special project you have on your long arm. Can't wait to see it when you are done. Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

That should be a fun quilt along. Since I have 21 unfinished projects, I'm passing on that one.

Sew Surprising said...

I did smile at the pink in your bundles hahahahaah The sewalong sure has everyone fired up, not something I am good at so will cheer from the sidelines :)

Stitchin At Home said...

Sounds like a fun sew along I'm passing on this one as I just don't have the time.

evaj said...

Thanks for linking and your inspiration you give us on the Show and Tell Monday !! Hugs from a sunny and warm Sweden

Mary Huey said...

I'm not doing the Farmer's Wife -- too many of my own projects on the table -- but I'll be interested to see how you get along with Marti's templates. They certainly made a big difference in the accuracy of my piecing.

Tu-Na Quilts said...

I'm just getting caught up on reading some back posts. I love your fabric bundles for this 1930s quilt blocks. I could kick myself as this fall I saw a very nice--but frayed on the binding--quilt made with real 1930s fabrics that was duct taped over some shop equipment on a work table at a garage sale. Instead of offering them $5.00 for it--not sure it even was for sale--I went into this long story about 1930 fabrics and the value of older quilts. Went back later and they had taken it down and it was neatly folded on a shelf. Kick, kick, kick