Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Sunshine HST Top Finish and Pre-Cut Wrap Up

This reminds me of color prisms 
in the sunshine!

Would you believe I had one extra
unused HST, and no more?
That was lucky!

I think I'll sit back and relish it before 
I start hunting the backing. 
It might take a trip to the quilt store.

Are you ready to finish up this 
Pre-Cut conversation? 
I am.

I've had a lot of comments both
here on the blog, and in person.

Most of us are saying the same thing.

Most of us didn't realize that 
pre-cuts weren't cut the same 
way as we would cut our 
own fabric. 
We've experienced a  problem while 
incorporating them into a project.

You must take into consideration 
the pinked edges, and that they are mechanically cut. 
In other words, they 
might not be as accurate as
we'd like or need them to be.

Most of us knew they were more
expensive, but if you were like me,
you weren't aware of the 'break
even point' if you cut them from
purchased yardage.

So when are they best used to 

 *When you only need 1, 
or at the most, 2.

*When you don't have a rotary

cutter, ruler, or mat.

*When your project requires little
modification to the pre-cut,
and you don't mind the time 
it takes to square it up.

*When you find them on sale, for sure!

I will still buy them for making 
custom dog beds. If a customer 
says they want a specific line 
of fabric, and it's not one 
I'd want to keep on hand, 
the Charms are perfect.

Remember these charms that 
I used to show you how 
square they were?
There was little problem in using 
them in a grid this way. 
Sew by strips, trim, 
and line up with the next.
I could get all the corners 
to line up the majority of 
the time, but not always.

I think about them like I
did Lunchables when
all 5 kids were little.
They loved them for
a treat, but I knew they
weren't 'healthy food'!

I prepared it better at home.

The packaging appealed
to the consumer,
but they were
terribly hard on my
budget to buy 4 or 5!

In the end, like everything, 
this is your personal decision 
on what works for you, 
your budget, 
and your sanity!

My only goal here was to be open
and honest with my experience. 
Thank you to so many for 
sharing similar ones of your own.

Now it's time for some serious 
clean up of all those pinked edges 
off the kitchen floor. 
The light has been nice, 
but I think the family 
would appreciate
me moving back downstairs 
to my own space.
I'm thankful for my 
room to create!

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Keep the lint off your whiskers,
and let's go sew.

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  1. That turned out beautifully. I'd admire it for a while too!

  2. It's a pretty quilt. I usually don't buy the precuts because if I like a fabric, I want more than a little square of it!!

  3. I have really appreciated this series on precuts. I always look at them in stores and at shows, and they always look so cute and colorful like candy! I knew that precuts were more expensive, so I don't usually buy them. I was astonished at how much of price difference there really is. I was also surprised at the cutting inaccuracies- If forced to guess, I would have thought charm squares would be more accurate! I'm way to compulsive for that! Thanks so much for all of this great information- Love the quilt, too!

  4. Those are some fun dog beds. Your puppy looks so comfy tucked away in there!

    The only time I have ever bought a package of pre-cuts was for a mystery weekend that requested a jelly-roll. And when I started sewing I was amazed at how much thinner they were than the promised 2.5 inches. The cutting (in)accuracy on top of the fact that you can't really pre-wash the fabrics and they are off my purchase list for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Oh what fun dog beds. Sweet, sweet puppy playing peek-a-boo. I have found your thoughts on pre-cuts very enlightening. I have bought a few and have found inaccuracies as well. After reading your post, I will probably leave them on the counter from this day on.

  6. I really like the bright colors in your finished quilt top! It is so cheery for this time of year.

  7. The quilt is beautiful, and I agree charms have their place, but not something I buy on a regular basis.

  8. i love that quilt top!
    so much fun.
    i can't say i have purchased any charm packs myself yet, but i always oogle at them when i go to the store :)


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