Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pet Project Show #5--Name Dropping

The Doxie Girls and I have been busy sewing these past few days, but one is a project for the Tree Bird Blog Hop coming up in March. For now, it's top secret.

The 2015 Grow Your Blog is still in process. The list is full of blogs covering every interest. I've only made it half way through. One of the most beautiful, original blogs I've come across is Sarah Lizzies. If you want to be inspired, especially just before Valentine's Day, visit this fabulous site.

I have so much fun blog hopping through the week, and joining in all the linky parties. Why? As part of your agreement in linking up, you visit others who've linked up, and build community. It's fabulous! Quilt Along.Net is my go-to site for keeping track of them, and for all the quilt alongs, both current and past. The site grows every week. 
I'm there every day! 

I have been treated to being featured on different link parties, Sew Cute Tuesday on Blossom Heart QuiltsMy Quilt Infatuation's Needle and Thread Thursday, and Quilt Story twice. It's such a thrill to see your work in the spotlight! So let me share that back here. The first linky party of every month will feature a few of the Doxie Girls favorites link ups from the previous month. 

The texture created by the straight line quilting is perfect with the oversized blocks. Notice how the diminutive prints show as solids from a distance.

The transparency here shows the playful backing.

I'm always drawn to quilts that hold my attention.
I like how your eyes continually move to take in the colors, and you focus on pattern within pattern.

Lynette at What a Hoot!

When I read about how she did the original design, 
I was excited and inspired. 
Her colors remind me of the slopes during the 80's!

Give me some eye candy, friends!

It's Saturday, and time for the weekly 
Pink Doxies 
Pet Project Show. 
Add your link here every Saturday. 

Do we have to have rules? 
No worries! It's EASY.

1. Use the blue 'Add Your Link' button (below left) to upload a picture of something you've created in the past week. Any kind of handiwork--share it now! It can be a work in progress, finally finished, or even your fab new fabric. Whatever it is that inspired you to create this week, we'd like to see it here. 

2. Please link to a specific post, and not just your blog address. It makes it easier for someone following your link to find your project.

3. Provide a backlink to Pink Doxies with a link in your post, or pick up our Pet Project Show button below. Copy and paste into the 'Add Image by HTML' box to create the Pet Show widget on your page.

1. You can link up to your Instagram. Click on the Instagram icon at the bottom of the link up screen. The URL of your Instagram feed will be your link. Please hashtag #pinkdoxiespetproject

Either way you link up, remember it's a party here, so schmooze with the crowd! Visit others who've linked up. Leave a comment so they know what you like about their work. The people to either side of your link would work or their neighbors, too.

Don't miss a post! 
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The Linky Party starts now, and runs until Monday, February 9 at midnight. 
Spread the word, and tell all your stitchy friends.


Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for featuring my quilt, Julie! I love seeing it pop up on other people's blogs!!

Debra said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for hosting the linkyparty. But I can't find the Pet Project Show button code to add to my blog. :-)

Julie said...

The link is in the Pet Project Show area of this post above. I tried to put it here directly, but it won't allow html coding in this reply box.

I dare not edit the post once I've started the linky party because it can cause problems with functionality. I simply forgot to add the code this morning. Blame it on under caffeination?


evaj said...

Vilken underbar sida du visar idag Julie !!Kram från Sverige och Bambi

Julie said...

Tusen tack, Bambi!

SuperMomNoCape said...

I've signed up for the Tree Bird Blog Hop too. I've finally chosen my fabrics. Now I just need to wait for some background fabric to arrive in the mail and I can get started. Thanks for the link party!

Marly said...

Thank you Julie for showing such inspiring quilts.

Kim said...

Thank you so much, Julie for showcasing my blog. I must say I got such a surprise to see my name 'in lights'! Thank you for the link to Quilt Along.Net, I never knew this existed. Oh my, such gorgeous quilts you have showcased here. The three of them all pack a mighty punch both in colour and design. I am off now to check out the other clever ladies in your link.