Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm So Jealous! Would You Look at Her Curves!

That was me. 
I was green with envy when I saw
quilters turning out blocks with curved piecing.
I loved it, but I already knew I couldn't do it.

I've sewn my share of little puffed sleeves on baby 
dresses, and fitted skirts round table toppers. 
Neither were on my list of, 
"Let's do that again soon!"
So, when I knew I had to learn to sew curves 
for piecing, I honestly dreaded it. 
I was pretty darn sure it was never going to be 
My Thing.

My self-talk is my worst enemy, so I faced it down.
I started by buying a recently published book by 
Angela Pingel, A Quilter's Mixology. 
 There are some extraordinary looking projects I 
wanted to try, but obviously, I couldn't sew curves, 
and the book sat on my shelf for months. 

Yesterday was D-Day. 
I had free time with no distractions.
As Yoda says:
"Do or do not. There is no try."

Image result for yoda images

Pingel has a well-accepted method in her book, which
works best for her. Mark the centers of both curves, 
pin at the center, line up each end, and sew to 
the middle from each end. Unfortunately, I 
couldn't get it to work as well for me. I had
just fulfilled my self-proclaimed destiny.

I remembered seeing a short video clip months ago
by Leanne at Sew She Can. I was game because I 
really wanted to try the patterns out in the book,
 and miraculously, it worked for me like magic! 

You simply line up the ends right sides together,
sew a few stitches, lift the presser foot and realign.
Presser foot down, hold top fabric up with your
left hand, bottom fabric guided by your right,
and line them up as they go under the presser 
foot. Also, sew rather slowly.
It was a truly amazing experience, and there
was audible oohing and aahing while I sewed.
They lined up so well I didn't need to trim!
I do her no justice. Watch her video clip!

I grabbed some good fabric, and I 
sewed up a block just lickety-split. Then
another and another until I had this.

Pingel's pattern is call Arabian Nights, but it's 
listed as the traditional Love Ring pattern. 
I'm smitten. 

These were my tools. I used a paper template
copied out of the patterns. My biggest advice
is the Craft Bond acid free glue stick.
Use it to keep your paper patterns stuck.
I found I could easily cut through 4
layers of fabric at once, saving precious
sewing time.

Don't be a 'fraidy cat! 
It's nowhere as hard as you think.
Certainly one method or the other will work for you,
and curves open up a whole new world.

The girls and I will stay busy keeping warm,
and keeping the feeders full here.
Our forecast say -14 F for tonight.
That's over -25 C!

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's be thankful we can
cuddle under a quilt today.

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lalaluu said...

Yay for conquering curves! I want to do that someday, and it's very helpful to hear the experience of others. Thanks for the link to Sew She Can's video. Beautiful picture of the bird feeders in the snow!

Skootchover said...

Your curves look great. I have this book and long to make several of the projects. I just haven't taken the time to do it. I had quite a curve disaster with a flowering snowball quilt, which I completed but struggled through to finally realize I hadn't added 1/4" seam allowance to my templates. Errrrrrrr.

Patchwork Polly said...

Impressive curves! Maybe if I get a Yoda poster and pin it on my craft room wall I'll stop being a scaredy cat. One day...

afistfuloflemons said...

Beautiful! Thank you for this inspiration.

Sarah Goer Quilts said...

You really kinda make me want to try curves. This is not something I even think about trying to piece! Thanks for sharing. :-)

legato1958 said...

Wow! Your block is gorgeous! You are convincing me to give them a try.... Thanks for your tutorial !!

Ruth said...

I have that book but not yet used it - I'm hoping to adapt her lanterns for a sewing machine cover - thanks for the link to the video!