Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jelly Beans and Chocolate

                                               We had a snowy weekend here, 
and I don't know what quilter doesn't translate that as,
"So sorry! We can't make it because of the weather," and
"Hip hip hurrah! I get to stay home and SEW!"

Just don't share that with friends and family.
They won't get it,
and they won't think it's funny!

Slipping away to my Nest where I create is treasured time.
Recently I've blessed with solitary mornings, 
and long afternoons several days a week.
Do I miss having little ones around needing me?
Sure! but I've done that,
and this is my time in between babies and grandbabies.
 The Doxie Girls and I are going to Sew and make Quilts!


This top starting out as just an exercise in making blocks. 
I've spent the month exploring Log Cabin blocks, and this was one more variation. 

Of course, my extensive stash of pink made the first block here,
then on to here with the green, coral, and brown.

Brown is a grounding color here, 
and I've gone back and forth whether or not I liked it.
I didn't want the pastels to look too "sweet".
I kept calling the brown "chocolate" to myself as I was working,
and this morning it finally hit me.

Jelly beans and chocolate...

Oh! This is an Easter basket palette!
It finally made sense to me.

There's a huge variation in pattern going on, 
and it inevitable that I would have some fun fussy cutting.
The smallest piece is just 1 1/4" cut out.

Can you see the variety of pattern and color? 
I chose many different tints to give it depth and movement.

Kissing bunnies here! Chickens there!

I have no plans for an immediate finish. 
Easter is months away yet, but that would be a nice time, don't you think?

Let it be winter, and let it snow, let it snow!

The girls and I are inside warm and dry,
and sure to be sewin' all day.

Come on, Doxie Girls!
I've already got the next project started,
and it's SEW CUTE!
Let's go sew!

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  1. Perfect colours for Easter! With that snow I'd rather be snuggled under a quilt too!

  2. oooo!!! I *love* Jellybeans & Chocolate! What a terrific name. And you got some gorgeous snow. Snow days are fabulous for quilters, completely agree. :)

  3. Gorgeous Julie.... and who doesn't love a day staying at home doing the fun things! cheers Wendy

  4. I love the chocolate, and the aqua background is just perfect. Enjoy your gorgeous snow. We've had an ugly green/brown winter.

  5. Lovely colours - perfect for Easter and I like the inclusion of the brown. A day at home sewing sounds perfect to me.

  6. Julie you fabric combos are so yummy - I can see why you think in terms of jelly beans and chocolate! You make the day sounds so cozy! I totally love the log cabins you are working on!

  7. i love that pattern. What a great quilt

  8. "chocolate" makes it pop. Love log-cabin blocks, but time consuming. So many new ideas to try -- keep creating!!


  9. Blog hopping with “Grow Your Blog”. Its so great to meet you. Wishing you the best!!

  10. Love the little hummingbird, was that a fussy cut or just luck?

    1. Stephanie,

      That was strategic planning! That block is 3/4" finished, and had some tight parameters to get it centered without chopping off its long beak! I was happy it turned out the way it did.


  11. Beautiful quilt! I plan to make one like this...one day!

  12. I love the name Jellybeans and Chocolate! It's perfect!

  13. Love this! perfect for a winters day. Snow days are great - aren't they? I don't like the snow part... but love the stay at home and sew part! Your doxie girls are adorable!

  14. It turned out great!

  15. I was drawn to this quilt when I saw it in the link up. So bright and fun! Perfect name with a bite of chocolate thrown in : )

  16. So was I. I have just started one similar too.
    I am doing a different colour a month so slow progress. Look forward to your next project

  17. Such a fun quilt! The name is perfect.

  18. I love the quilt and the great close up photos of it really bring it to life. This post prompted me to follow you on bloglovin😀

  19. jelly beans and chocolate is yummy! my fave color as a child was blue, now it is teal and i don't like muddy colors.

  20. I love the color too and especially that you are enjoying some quiet but fun sewing time.

    1. PS I too am enjoying have been there and done that with raising children. This is such a liberating time for us. :)


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