Saturday, January 3, 2015

Flash In the Bag

The promised camera bag.

Have you noticed the little changes in Pink Doxies lately? One big one is the Bloglovin' button over there on the top right. See it? You can join Bloglovin' with just an email or your Facebook account. Then you can look for blogs you want to follow--like Pink Doxies, or other great blogs you've never even heard of yet. Bloglovin is searchable, and it's easy to find whatever you're interested in no matter who the blog's host is. They're there. Then each morning an email comes to your Inbox with a daily feed from Bloglovin. All the blogs you've chosen to follow that have posted that day are in it. It's a wonderful way to keep up, and eliminates the need for bookmarking or missing blogs you like.

Also, over on the sidebar you may have noticed some buttons linking you to other blogs. They're clickable links, and a few of the many blogs I follow. The buttons are there because I've 'linked up' with them for a 'Linky Party', which means I posted my blog information over there, and hope readers will follow my link over to here. It's a wonderful way to grow your blog, and then support the readership back. So visit them, too.

Yesterday I linked up with crazy mom quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Both were having a Linky Party the first of the month. They're two of my favorite blogs, and some of the first I followed. 

I promised you I wouldn't give up on a camera bag, and I finished the one at the top of the post last night. It's a different color scheme than the last selvage bag using a background fabric that comes from Joann's.

I found out a few tricks yesterday during the construction process I'd like to share. 

Before you ever start to sew your selvages down, these things help:

1. Iron them all flat, and use a spray bottle of plain water to help straighten the ones that want to curve for you.

2. Spray starch is your friend! Give them a good starching when you press.

3. Line your fabric before sewing. I used a Frixion pen, and just marked every
inch or so. This will give you a way to maintain straighter lines that just eyeballing it.

Press your seams flat, and give a final press to your sewn selvages. Square up the whole project before adding your interfacing or fusible batting. That way it doesn't interfere with your seam allowances.

In the case of this bag, my selvages wrapped all the way to the bottom. No real problem, but I wound up clipping off parts of the sides when I boxed out the bottom. If there had been an especially favorite selvage, I might not have wanted it hidden down there or chopping the words. In this case, it was not an issue. I kept the Anna Marie Horner "Innocent Crush" up at the top,

It's finally time to ask. 
What do you want to see here? 
More sewing, quilting, dyeing, or 'xyz'?
We can try that! Just leave me a comment.

While I am who I am, and my blog is pretty much a reflection of me, please let me know if there's anything special you're interested in. I know my own interests are diverse, and I love when I find a blog that introduces me to new things that help me grow. So, I'll try to keep things fresh here, and keep trying new and novel things. Agreed? And then, we both can grow together. 

 I'm off to the downstairs for a clean up this afternoon.
Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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