Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sewing Machine Covers and Ironing Board Redo

What isn't there to love about Saturdays?

It was a whole day to putz in the sewing room. I tidied, dusted, made sure to vacuum off my sewing machines, and put my cover on. It's a good practice to follow as dust is a real enemy to your machine. I made this one years ago, but my new machine needs one now. Something jazzy.

My mini ironing board was pretty sorry looking. I stripped it down to the board, and recovered it with new batting, a layer of flannel, and some fabric that had previously been curtains in a daughter's room. A sweet repurpose job.

I serged the edges, sewed a casing, and ran a ribbon through. I should have used something less slippery as I had to tie it around one leg to keep it stable. I needed someone to help me tie the bow, but all were still asleep. Then I used some large safety pins and elastic to stretch side to side to keep it taut. It worked like a charm.

I finished piecing one dog bed cover, and straight quilted it.

My daughter visited with the dogs, and we laid out and pieced Agatha's Christmas bed in my new Amy Butler fabric. We both loved it! 

Next, I mixed up some solids with another Amy Butler charm pack. Though I prefer a very busy look to my projects, we tried many combinations, and these fabrics in the charm pack just wouldn't all work together. I used about half the pack, and will try a different solid or two with what's left over.

Last, but not least, one of our dear son is moving into his own place soon. I still hadn't put a label on his Zombie quilt, so I finished it up for him. It's a little bittersweet when they make that real last move out, but I'm cheering him on. Another one all grown up.

The Doxie Girls and I are going to have some t.v. time tonight. Tomorrow is another fine day, and I'm sure it will involve sewing. Rest up, Doxie Girls.

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