Friday, December 19, 2014

No Rest for the Weary

Remember a few days ago when I was looking forward to my week alone with my husband? I was planning to sew my days away with little responsibility, take walks with the dogs, etc. Well, let me tell you, it didn't happen quite like that. 

All week long I've run like a crazy woman. I've refereed more llama disputes than I could imagine, been spit on because I got in the middle, and have had mulitple flashbacks to the early days of mothering 5 kids. The other family dogs came yesterday afternoon for a total of six. Three over 50 pounds, and 3 bad dachshunds. It was a sleepless night while the new dogs got used to regular house noises. We were all up by 4:30. While trying to get medications out for one big dog, the other two played chase in the living room, and took out a lamp. One doxie didn't want to eat, but I coaxed her into it. She then threw up for the next several hours. Oh, dear, I hope it's not contagious. 
(Did I happen to say today's my 27th wedding anniversary?)

So, while I babied the sick dog, the rest have had a couch day. They slept, I finally got the new lights for the tree on, and you can see the little church and Santa finished the decorations. Now it feels like Christmas time.

I did squeeze in a little time to sew.
This is the other pillow top done for dear son's new house. I'll get it all together before he's home from vacation.

This, next, is a Christmas present for the in-laws. It's a dog bed top for their Scout. My mother-in-law has always had a thing for birds, and loves Charlie Harper prints. Harper did a fabric line with winter birds, and it was a perfect match. Some of the fabric was in a panel of sorts, and I had to be creative to work those into a bed top. Two rows go up, and two go down. No matter how the bed is turned, half the blocks are in the correct direction. I think it adds interest to the top. The sashing is a grey with hatch marks.

I quilted the blocks at about an inch apart, and the sashing in between closer to 1/2".

I think his prints give so much character to the animals. 

All six are sleeping hard, and I think I'm going to sneak downstairs alone.

Remember the saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie."
I'm off to sew alone.

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Unknown said...

You should write a book - maybe a children's......llamas, dogs, kids, the outdoors. So much interest there! Love the in-laws quilt. I didn't know about the bird fabric - great art! Love this blog.