Thursday, November 6, 2014

Patch, Donate, Rebuild

Do you have some fabric that you really love? You know, you take it out and look at it, pet it, and decide not to cut into it. It's your favorite, or one of. I have several I've been loving, and not ready to part with in a quilt. This is one, and I needed just a little patch on my jeans where I snagged the knee at the barn. Torn jeans just don't cut it for me, so I parted with a few inches, and made a cute patch. It's raggedy like the boyfriend jeans, functional, and I can enjoy the print. Because my tear had straight edges, I did my best to zigzag them together. Then with your quilt fabric, cut a rectangle, make a tube right sides out, iron it flat with the seam in back, blanket stitch the edges, and hand sew on. The original patchwork. Come spring, I may change it out for something brighter.

My donation quilt is done, and I'm itching for a color fix already. Even while working with the very traditional fabrics, I still came out with a less than traditional design, and I used up a lot of 80's fabric that needed a new life. The backing is a solid piece of the darkest pink, and there's enough to self-bind it. I'll send it to the church where they take a day to layer the tops with batting, tie,and bind them. Then they find them homes where they're needed most. 

Our little barn has all the walls and floor done. It's waiting on trusses, a roof, and electric, and Misha. the llama, will have his windows to see out this winter. I'm just saying, we don't want a depressed llama like last year, folks. The 3 boys have been camping out in the pastures during the night, and are all looking forward to some new digs.

So I now have permission to start a new quilt--even if I'm finishing 3 others. I had an order of fabrics arrive yesterday with a whole collection I ordered--something I wouldn't usually do. I opened the box, and my heart fell. It was not at all as bright as the picture was when I ordered it. Has this ever happened to you? So disappointing for someone who loves bright and bold, but I've already decided I will stretch to embrace it. 

The rain is falling, and forecast to be bad all day. We're off at first light to transfer animals to the big barn for the day. If you want a good laugh, do a drive by to see us try to catch two squirrely alpacas, one with a nasty kick. They may be toughing out the rain outside today. Our little barn can't be done too soon.

Enjoy the rain today. It means you can't work outside, and you can "Quilt without Guilt."

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.
You, too, Effy!


Unknown said...

Love your charity quilt top.....when will we see this work? I left the women yesterday a bit early, since I had an evening event. Hope I didn't miss you. So glad your sew-in 'firsty' went well. Very proud of you!

Julie said...

Thanks, Irene. I'l bring the top up next week, and hope to see you then. Our meet-up was great, especially for a first time. I think people need to come with extension cords next time since we had so many machines going!