Monday, October 13, 2014

This Is the Barn that Jack Built

From left: Misha the llama, Fitz the alpaca, Evie the horse, and Armand an alpaca

Fall is well upon us here in Ohio. The trees are showing color, brilliant to travel under in the sunlight. That wistful feeling of it all being so temporary is in the air, and I find myself thinking of "The Ants and the Grasshopper". Last year was fierce with deep snow and negative temperatures, and this year's forecast is supposed to be much worse. Can that even be possible?

I picked the last of the vegetable garden only leaving the peppers and herbs. Loads of peppers! I think a sausage and sweet pepper soup is in order this week full of tomatoes, basil and garlic. My husband and I cut firewood out of the back acres, and it's stacked on the back porch. The orchard next to the house is mowed short now, and rain is forecast for today and most of this week. 

A massive project was came together last week at the family business, and they literally launched the boat (dredge) over the weekend. We had a barbeque, a christening, and a trip into the lake. DMI Dredge LaunchDMI Dredge Launch. It gets exciting 7-8 minutes in. 

I took one day and helped a friend cut and bundle fabric at her quilt shop, Material Girl Fabric Outlet, and the bonus was meeting her lovely customers. Loved that!

Now we are on to our family's last push before winter. We need a whole new barn for our animals. The plan had been to replace the roof and side the old one in, but it's no longer structurally sound. The sway in the roof is not intentional. Nothing like the last minute before snow! Please pray Old Man Winter is kind this year.

So, you say, that's why she wasn't sewing! Not a chance. I squeezed in some time down there with the Doxie girls, and we took stock of our space. It's cleaner, re-organized, and table space is available to put together sections of Daydream. A couple lonely UFO tops were transformed into sandwiches late one night, and even a little test quilting happened. Behind the scenes prep always takes more time than we estimate, but I'm back and ready to go again.

Put on your sweaters, drink down some warm cider, and stay with me as we work together. Let's make our time count this week, and finish up some projects. 

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's get our act together and go sew.

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