Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Just Hate to Put a Label On Them!

We're not talking kids here. We're talking quilts, girls. I spent most of the last weeks running from quilt guild to guild. I think in this little county there must be somewhere to go to quilt most days of the month. Isn't that fantastic? Sometimes they get together for a class, but others just have open sewing days. They meet in funeral homes, preschools, churches, and homes among others.

This inspired group is having a class day, and working through "Farmer's Wife" taught by Donna Young. I was there for about an hour getting to know everyone, and felt very welcome. They're a bubbly group, and welcome other interested quilters to join them for open sew 3 times a month at the Geib Funeral Home in Dover, Oh.

2nd Wednesday of the month, 9am-3pm

4th Thursday of the month in the evening, 5:30 pm-8:30 pm
4th Friday of the month, 9am-3pm

For more information or to confirm a meeting date, please contact: 

Cinda at 
or Marianne at or at (330) 364-7570

One thing that came up while I was there, and also at another group was labeling your work. There were a few good ideas discussed for custom labels, but instead of sharing that here, I will tell you the web is full of tutorials.Below is a link to the most complete site I've found. If you don't have a Pinterest account, you may have to make one. It's free, and you won't be sorry when you see all the ideas Pinterest has.

I know there are loads of unique ways to label, but I haven't yet figured out a signature label myself. Let's say a low-profile label does the trick for now. My old Pfaff 1475CD does embroidery, and I like to use a piece of fabric that matches the backing. I use my full name, the month, and the year. That's it. Be sure to use an interfacing under your fabric--I use a light-weight flexible iron-on, and that's necessary to reinforce the fabric for the embroidering. Then just iron your edges under, and hand stitch it on. 

Labeling is important. I've looked at things I made 25 years ago, and can't quite remember doing them other than I recognize a fabric in it I still have in my scraps. And if YOU can't remember, be sure someone else won't in the many decades to come. They will be grateful you took the time and care. Label your quilts.

The little Doxie girls are still pretty sleepy, so I think I'll sneak down to keep piecing my backing together on the Love quilt this morning. There's not quite enough backing in my stash so I'm filling in a hole.

Shh, Doxie girls.

Mama's going downstairs to quilt.

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