Monday, September 15, 2014

Janome 8200QC, My Burning Love

I'd like to introduce my newest power tool--a Janome 8200 QC. She's a bigger, better, (and let's face it-- sexier) model than my 23 year old Pfaff. I brought her home yesterday after demo-ing her for about 2 hours, and reading the manual cover to cover. The 11" working platform is fabulous! I can spin even my big quilt around in there. AND, I found out it IS suggested to use the sit-down machine just like you use the long arm machine with a frame! The floor models are essentially steered from the side of the frame, so use this the same. Use it from the front, the side, wherever! 

I didn't buy a sit-down long arm because of the price difference. There was a comparable Pfaff with the built-in walking foot, but it was quite a bit pricier, and had a 10" throat. The Pfaff's built in walking foot is excellent for piecing, but my old Pfaff is still perfect--just old.It's overdue to be serviced, but I didn't want to lose it for a week. Heads up on the older Pfaffs--I'm told the motors are no longer available, but the brushes can be changed out to protect it. If you're using an older model like I am, get it serviced!  

Now my nightmare of what might happen if I couldn't keep my old Pffaf running is over. It's time to build the relationship between my sweet, new Janome and the Love quilt. Let's hope it's Burnin', Burnin' Love.

Woohoo, Doxie girls!

Mama's got a new toy!

P.S. I would like to do a call out to some of the blogs I've been reading lately, and I think are showing some fun ideas. One caveat--they're not in English, but they all translate with the button on the right or when you scroll down. Sometimes your own computer will prompt you to translate. Say, "Yes". 

There are many quilters and handicrafters of all sorts in Scandinavia. Winters are long and dark there, and it's good to have something to do indoors, not to mention stay warm. 

Fitz, my daughter's alpaca says, "Check these out." He's sporting a newly knit scarf, and Misha, the llama in the background, is peeved he's not modeling.

Anne Grethe's Quilt Blog -You need to see all the different personal bags. Wow!

Eva Johannson's  -Love all the mug rugs here, and she posts something new everyday.

The Malm Quilters' Blog -One of my favorite showing more modern pieced quilts.

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evaj said...

Hej Julie!! Tack för ditt brev så roligt att du gillar min blogg!!! Som ett tips så länkar du idag till min Visa och Berätta och visar upp din trevliga blogg kanske får du fler svenska / nordiska vänner .Jag hoppas vi kan ha kontakt vore så roligt och nu lägger jag dig till mina favoriter!!Kram från Sverige som nu har en fantastisk höst med sol och värme/hug Bambi

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new power tool! Don't tell Bryan it's a toy, tool translates better to the male species.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I have a button on my long arm that says: My power tool!!! LOL!!!