Friday, November 21, 2014

Tiny Houses Tiny Trees

I have always had a thing for Teeny Tiny Houses. I always thought it would be So Fun to live with minimal space, and the barest of possessions. One trip to a Disney efficiency room with two girls who were appalled at the lack of privacy changed all that overnight! I'm happy enough now to just look at pictures, Thank You.

This little project started off with the stripey fabric reminding me so much of trees. I thought a little wall hanging with trees would be a nice seasonal touch. 

Then, I thought, I should have one little house with all those trees. Something with a little decoration maybe. I liked that. And then I added another, and another. You know, it's how this whole thing works when we create.

I went store hopping early yesterday with a friend of mine, Whitney, who is just getting into this whole quilting movement. We hit Zinck's Fabric Outlet just east of Berlin, Ohio, on St. Rt. 39. This is only part of one of the giant rooms packed with fabric and notions. Amazing selections and prices. I had to hold back. We were running late, and I barely had time to check out the huge quilting fabric department. 

 My Thanksgiving cacti are in full bloom, and I just had to share them. Thanksgiving is a week away, and my son is already reminding me to thaw the turkey. 

Enjoy your Friday, and make time to stitch. 
It's sew good for the soul. 

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's get down there and sew today.


  1. Like your idea for a small Christmas season wall hanging.....I surely think Zinck's will thank you for the great exposure.It is a fun place to look for bargain fabrics. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the doxies!!

  2. Thanks, Irene. Have you seen the new quilting dept. there? I was shocked at all the current fabrics I saw, and separated into a quilt fabrics dept. now with bolts, not flat folds! We had just left my other favorite quilt shop in Charm, and it was easy to compare prices. Definitely a buy at Zinck's, but then they don't have all the current ones. I bought a handful of zippers, $1.20 each, and trim to do purse handles, $0.49 a yard. Can't beat that anywhere. You have to look for bargains if you have a fabric addiction.


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